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At PortONE Internet we work to make you more efficient by employing "Smart" dynamic websites for our clients. As opposed to static web sites, whose content does not change automatically, dynamic web sites have logic and data behind the scenes making them smart.

First, we'll brainstorm with you to assess how you are using the Web today and identify more profitable ways of using it in the future. You'll be surprised by the options available. Often these solutions include improved ways of managing/interacting with your clients, making your current work flow more efficient, and automatic redundant, trivial tasks to save you money.

Once a solution is uncovered, we develop a custom-designed Web Application (WebApp) to maximize the efficiency and performance of your Web presence. Your WebApp will offer turnkey Web maintenance for you - with no complex procedures to learn. The information on your website will always be current - which is crucial for your existing clients and potential visitors.

Some of our most popular WebApps include:

  • Client/member Login areas
  • Self-change Pages
  • Industry specific calculators
  • Online Calendars
  • Online Database integration
  • List Management
  • Pop-up windows
  • Mass-emails (to visitors, clients, employees, etc.)
  • Secure Online order processing
  • Voice Software Services (NEW!)
  • Online Ticketing systems (NEW!)
  • Data-intense business logic systems (NEW!)

We develop WebApps using cost-effective and reliable technologies, including SQL (Structured Query Language), Macromedia Cold Fusion, and Microsoft ASP .NET on both Windows and Unix platforms. Our programmers also have extensive experience with many other technologies.

PortONE Internet is a national leader of web application software development. Since 2000, we have written over a million lines of code. Our application development approach allows our clients to receive custom software designed specifically for their needs and to enhance their business systems.

We start with a dream session to help our clients understand new cutting-edge technology and learn about ways it can help their business be more productive, effective and communicative. Then, we develop a comprehensive proposal and help our clients determine which aspects to start with and which to hold for phase 2 or 3.

Our software engineers are Adobe Advance ColdFusion Certified Developers. PortONE Internet is also an Adobe Certified Partner. We've been doing this for years and custom software development now represents our largest and fastest growing business segment. Our development standards and software approach are second-to-none, consistently engineered to deliver high-quality custom software.

Most recently, we expanded our abilities by developing custom Voice Software Services. We write custom software that interacts with your clients, vendors, or employees by telephone via a toll-free phone number. We can even build it to interact with your company's internal database. Once only available to gigantic call centers, this valuable technology is now within your reach.

Our standard rate for Web Application Development is $275/hr. Our fee for Rich Internet Applications (RIA) is $365/hr. Call for our small-business and non-profit discount rates.

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