The PortONE Approach

PortONE Internet is an Internet Solution Provider. Unlike traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs), we approach our relationships with our clients as a full-service Internet partner.

With our extensive experience in Internet and associated technologies, we regularly provide an amazing value-add to our clients in ways they didn't even know were possible. By investing our time into learning about our clients' businesses, we are able to identify areas of their existing business processes for improved efficiency, effectiveness, and increased revenue by using Internet technology. Then, we take the time to explain this technology in a meaningful manner, effectively providing a specialized technology education. Finally, we devise and implement a plan to help them enjoy a significant return on investment (ROI) from this often confusing technology we call the Internet.

All through this process, we consistently work to ensure our clients receive greater value than they expected by working with us. Often, they tell us that it's the incidental suggestions and advice we provide that they find most helpful. We effectively become a productivity enhancing business partner, rather than just an expense to our clients, moving off the bottom half of their P&Ls to the top.

In an industry filled with over-your-head techno-babble and impersonal big-box customer disservice, our honest approach and exacting quality standards ensure our clients consistently experience unprecedented "delightment!"

PortONE Quality

Over the past 17 years, we have learned a lot. Throughout our entire company, we have internalized this learning into values, standards, systems, procedures, and policies which direct our day-to-day actions, attitudes, and habits. While not immediately obvious, this wealth of knowledge and experience regularly provides our clients with additional value, often in unseen, but important ways.

Using an extensive knowledge base system that we built, we have 1000s of documents detailing the PortONE way of doing things. Each day, an average of 9 documents are reviewed and revised to ensure that we stay current with both technology and our client's changing needs. This gives our clients a consistent experience of the highest quality.

We also spend a considerable amount of time, energy, and expense in the development and training of our team. New associates undertake the rigorous PortONE Training System for their first 6 months of employment. Then, we continue ongoing to invest 10% of all employees' time to their professional development, with a comprehensive development planning and review system. This is a significant expense to the company, but it ensures our clients are able to work with the best and most professional experts in their fields.

Like Apple Computer, we seamlessly integrate both hardware and software. Unlike typical software companies, we own and operate all of our own equipment. Unlike typical ISPs, we write and maintain custom software applications for our clients. This holistic approach gives us total control over quality and service, and completely eliminates any finger pointing.

Our equipment is consistently upgraded through our annual comprehensive technology plans. We operate in a Class-A (enterprise level) data center with redundant and overlay Internet architecture. It employs advanced climate control and inert gas fire suppression systems. Our power is backed up by racks of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) and powerful diesel generators. The facility's 24/7 monitoring includes an advanced security system with video surveillance and a state-of-the-art network operations center. This provides our clients with unprecedented reliability, security, and capacity, all of which bring them affordable, enterprise quality.

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