PortONE Internet was originally founded to provide fairly priced, quality Internet services to residents and businesses in Connecticut. Shortly thereafter, we expanded into the surrounding states and became a regional provider. Today, we serve clients nationally from every corner of the country.

By starting as an ISP, we are in a unique position to provide our web software clients with years of experience in the Internet industry. We still own and operate all of our own servers which run our custom software for our clients. We've been key contributors to the Internet industry since the beginning. In fact, we incorporated our business before Google did!

Back in 1997, we started by offering only Dial-up Internet Access, and still continue to provide second-to-none, high-quality Local and Nationwide access to the Internet, with rates as low as $13.50/mo. We quickly began offering Email, Web Design, Web Hosting, and other Internet-related services as our clients requested them.

In 1999, we opened the PortONE Internet Education Center, which offered over 700 low-cost, high-quality Online courses. Ranging from Business Communications to Microsoft Excel, Negotiation Skills to Windows 2000, and Home Business to MCSE Certification, our wide variety of courses offer something for everyone!.

In 2000, we began offering Custom Solutions and Web Application Development, turning your basic web site into a true Internet Application. This means your web site can actually do something smart and useful, such as online scheduling, automatic content modification, database integration, secure ares for special users, data storage and retrieval, etc. offering an increased Return on Investment for your business.

In 2001, we launched Enhanced Learning Group, a new division of Port One Internet, Inc., to focus on providing services to the academic community. We had become Connecticut's leading provider of web-based applications designed to improve the quality of education by putting state-of-the-art tools in the hands of Teachers, Students, Parents, and Administrators.

In 2003, PortONE Internet released a revolutionary new virus and spam-cleaning service, named the PortONE Clean Mail Service.  By combining heuristic (probability-based) screening with traditional black-list services, clients enjoy a service which truly catches 99%+ of all spam with a false-quarantine rate of less than 1 message per 10,000 cleaned!  Best of all, users can log into their own private message center to review spam and viruses caught as well as adjust their spam “aggressiveness” level!

In 2005, PortONE Internet added a web-based high-accuracy data manipulation specialty of discipline to its already well-admired Web Application Software Team.  Working with several Fortune-500 clients on special projects, we have built applications that ensure reliable data capture, transport, transformation, replication, and storage, with transactional security and web services.

In 2006, we specialized in building Adobe Flex web-based applications. This new technology allows a desktop-like application to run on our client's websites. It brings a new level of professionalism and speed to web applications never seen before. In addition, PortONE Internet became an Adobe Certified Partner.

In 2007, PortONE Internet added Voice Software Services (VSS) to our custom software skill set. VSS interacts with our clients' customers, vendors, or employees by telephone via a toll-free phone number. We can even build it to interact with an internal company database. Once only available to gigantic call centers, this valuable technology is now within the reach of every business.

In 2008, we created a new division called PortONE Prefillment Services.  Capitalizing on our extensive web application development history, we expanded naturally into e-commerce development and support.  Our state-of-the-art management software helps clients manage supply chain inventory through distribution channels using just-in-time (JIT) best practices. 

In 2009, PortONE Internet added a new division entitled PortONE Video, which builds on our Internet, Software and Distribution capabilities.  As an operator of DVDNow video-rental kiosks, we invest in locations meeting our demographic and traffic criteria. Our proprietary processes include location qualification, kiosk placement, inventory maintenance, special promotions, and customer/location support.  We pride ourselves on always providing a premiere disc-rental service delivering excellent experiences for our customers. 

In 2010, we expanded PortONE Prefillment Services to include extensive inventory control, management, and order processing through our new distribution facilities.

In 2011, we are proud to announce that we have become Connecticut's largest independent DVD Rental Kiosk provider. Our aggressive business plan is now taking us into Massachusetts and Rhode island, with plans for Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine in 2012.

In 2012, we expanded our exclusive PortONE Prefillment Platform to grow an amazing 68% by completely overhauling our internal software and systems as well launching a product research team, ensuring that we are reviewing every product opportunity available with our most rigorous and scrutinizing standards.

In 2013, our incredible growth continued as we expanded our executive management team in order to distinguish ourselves from our competition. We have very deliberately realigned our market position to create a distinction fueled by our unwavering passion for customer service and delivery of quality products. We streamlined our offerings and increased our internal standards far beyond that of the industry. With extensive experience, our executive management team has achieved an outstanding positive customer feedback rate of 99% from our highly satisfied customers!

In 2014, we expanded our Online Retailer model by specializing in becoming the exclusive sales channel for many our our vendors. We are their trusted partner providing highest customer service and delivering a transparent and honest relationship. We bring value to these companies by eliminating brand value erosion, complementing their offerings with our own incredibly high compliance standards, adding many additional preparation steps to ensure products arrive in pristine condition at the customers’ doorsteps, and by leveraging our tight relationship with Amazon, allowing a much higher sell-through rating than they would otherwise have seen on their own.

In 2015, we made a major software improvement for model quantities, streamlined vendor ordering, and product lifecycle management and insights, giving us over 10x capacity, to be able to expand further.

In 2016, we nearly doubled our offering and expanded into 5 new vertical markets, refined our warehouse operations for optimal performance and quality and established a Business Development team to help educate and serve potential vendors who are struggling with the commoditization of the online marketplace and the lack of quality-centric resellers.

In 2017, Port One expanded our management team to make process improvements and increase sales. We focused on becoming more selective, eliminating nearly 50% of our vendors. We now focus on those vendors who have similar mind-set, values, and objectives!

In 2018, we focused entirely on increasing our quality, both internally and externally. By making quality our top priority, invested in ensuring our future for years to come. We overhauled all of our internal systems, removing old hardware and software, replacing it with new, more modern systems. We still coninuted to focus on our own proprietary software to ensure our customers get the best value when working with Port One!

In 2019, Port One stepped into the next generation of software by building Amazon Alexa Skills. With over 30 live skills under our belt, in numerous categories including consumer entertainment, interactive childrens learning, community awareness, exercise/work-out, and even some of the most intricate voice games ever made! If you're looking to get your business onto the newest technology bandwagon, give us a call for a free Alexa Skill consultation.