Domain Names

Why register your domain name with PortONE Internet?

  • We register your name through a legal, reputible, accredited ICANN registrar.
  • After your name is registered, we manage all interaction with the Registrar.
  • On your behalf, our skilled staff manage all domain changes.
  • We apply extra security precautions to reduce the risk of lost, expired, or "slammed" domain names.
  • We manage the interaction of Name Servers and facilitate all DNS changes.
  • You get personal service - Real people, not Email-only "service."
  • We employ proactive renewal supervision and management, with phone call renewal reminders.
  • We offer a 40-day redemption period.
  • When you use our DNS, we automatically configure Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records.
  • Our technicians review all DNS/NS changes first, to ensure there are no unexpected ramifications.

Try looking up your domain name today! The lookup only takes a few seconds. If someone already owns your domain, you will see who they are. If it's available for you, you will see "No Match!" Go ahead, give it a try...

Once you have decided on a domain, call your local PortONE Sales Associate to begin the registration process. Often, we can have your domain name registered within 24 hours!

Call 860.533.0033

Pricing for Regular Domains
(.com .net .org .biz .info .us)

Plan Price *
$299.90 ($2.50/Mo.)
$197.94 ($2.75/Mo.)
$113.97 ($3.17/Mo.)
$79.98 ($3.33/Mo.)
$45.00 ($3.75/Mo.)

Pricing for Special Domains
(.asia .be .ca .cc .de .es .eu .meNEW! .mobiNEW!
.nameNEW! .telNEW! .tv .at .bz .ch .dk
.fr .it .li .mx .nl .cn

Click Here for definition of country codes.

Plan Price *
$95.00 ($7.92/Mo.)

Domain Name Redemption
Did you forget to renew your domain name or accidentally cancelled
it? Our Domain Name Redemption service may be able to help.
This is a one-time, Non-refundable fee for our attempt to redeem
your domain name. Due to the nature of domain names,
we cannot ever guarantee that your domain name will
be able to be redeemed.

Plan Price *
One-Time Non-refundable Fee

Special Domain Name Servies
Need a broker to buy a special name?
Want to sell a name you already own?
Click Here!

All Internet Domain Names are Non-Refundable.
Setup fees may apply.