What You Say About Us

"Call Center Coach, LLC initially engaged PortONE Internet to host our web. From day one, we have been pleased with their responsiveness and approach as a true business partner. They continue to make proactive recommendations, while providing quality service, as they support expansion of our web-based applications, while continuing to provide self-service tools to make updates independently."
- Anne Nickerson, President and Founder
Call Center Coach, LLC., Ellington, CT

"PortONE Internet provides complete and reliable Internet access. We have enjoyed working with them for the past two years- it's always nice to be able to work with a local company. During that time, we have found PortONE Internet to be highly responsive and knowledgeable. In fact, we have recommended them to many of our small business clients in need of dependable internet access."
- Erik Semmel, Vice President
Tab Computer Systems Inc., East Hartford, CT

"We are extremely happy with the work PortONE Internet has done for us. Their attention to detail, product knowledge, and commitment to customer service is outstanding. We are glad to have them as Chamber members, and feel fortunate to be able to work with them. PortONE Internet is an excellent company."
- John Anderson, President
Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

"PortONE Internet has enabled us to communicate with our members more efficiently. As our web host, PortONE Internet has been great! They are extremely knowledgeable and have helped us bring our technology up to date. But what really impresses us is that every time we have a question, or a technology need, they respond quickly and always seem to have the right solution!"
- Ellen Zoppo, Dir. of Communication & Govt. Affairs
New Britain Chamber of Commerce

"PortONE Internet showed us how to make our existing technology more productive. And our business grew- PortONE Internet was able to provide the technology upgrades we needed to accomplish our objectives. Every time we've presented them with a challenge they've offered us a solution!"
- Jerry Long, President & CEO
PCC Technology Group, Bloomfield, CT

"I would recommend these folks to everyone, and I'd do it without a single reservation. I have been thoroughly satisfied with PortONE Internet. They have treated me, a small account, as if I were a genuine VIP. The service has been exquisite. It has been personal, creative, intelligent and it has always been done with a promptness that has truly dazzled me."
- Sid Simon, Professor Emeritus, Psychological Education
UMASS, Amherst & noted author of many books.

"PortONE Internet fixed our Internet problem, even though another company created it! We were having problems with our internet access- PortONE Internet was only hosting our site, but they took the time to fix the problem when our Internet Service Provider could not. We were impressed!"
- Jennifer Bell
Transfer Enterprises, Manchester, CT

"It's great to be dealing with someone who's so punctual, competent and reliable -- a rare quality these days!"

"On behalf of General Digital Corporation, I want to express sincere appreciation for your help in getting me setup to send messages remotely. Your suggestions proved to be the correct change needed to get the outgoing messages on their way. I appreciate you folks at PortOne and our IT folks at GD who help keep us going in the smooth times and when trouble arises."

"Your service through the years has proven to be superb. I will continue to keep you in mind and refer new customers to you when the occasion should arise."

"I like getting information on what you have going on. My setup goes right to Netscape and I forget to check your site most of the time, so I like the newsletter to remind me to check in on you."

"I may be interested in some on line courses in the future. One thing I must tell you is that I encouraged a co-worker to go with Portone. He was telling people at work how one of your techs went to his house to help him out. That says a lot for you as a company. I was happy to have a local ISP but did not imagine that kind of service. Portone, I am very happy with your service. I hope your customers realize what a good provider you are. I will stand buy you and promote you as long as you can continue to be the good company that you are. Thank you"

"I have recommended your wbt.portone.com to several of my friends. One of my friends from Maryland has already taken the membership a few months before. It's the best value learning site. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you, I love this service."

"The service and tech support at Port One makes it easy for me to recommend Port One to people. Thanks."

"Thank you, very good. My first internet service and I'll never leave."

"...Also people at work tell me how they are connecting at 23 or 30k instead of the 50k i'm getting. If they were to change to Portone would they get a faster bit rate? I heard about you from Computer Talk With Tab on Saturday mornings and it was one of the best moves I've ever made. I would sincerely like to thank you for providing a service that works as advertised, you don't know how seldom that happens. I hope you win more awards."

"You guys are the greatest!"

"Nothing but good words for the [new web] site - everyone really likes it. I have been adding a few things here and there. Thanks again for your help and work, it really looks nice!"

"Thanks for the heads up!" (In response to our Virus Notification)

"A great newsletter! I especially liked "Justin's Tips and Tricks"! No wonder you'll be in Success magazine...."

"I had a problem with my email last week and called Portone for technical assistance. I spoke with Justin Massaro. Justin was courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. He went above and beyond the call to help get my email back on line. As it turns out, my problem rested with another company (my domain)- which Justin determined after much testing and research. I was extremely pleased with Justin's assistance and thought you should know that he represents PortONE very well. You are lucky to have such a dedicated person in your employ. "

"Have always loved your service, tech. help, and the fact that I NEVER wait to get connected, or get kicked off. "

"BTW, I spoke to Justin while trying to get Susan back on email. That guy is great! A real pleasure to work with. I don't know what his official job is, but every time I've called him, he was extremely helpful."

"I appreciate the detail you provide in email. Most techs people don't type well, so I guess that's why they don't write detailed email responses! I like the written track record, especially when your providing a solution - so you can refer to it in the future."

"I was very pleased with the prompt reply to my CD ROM inquiry and the help I got setting up, ON A SATURDAY YET, WOW! Unfortunately I did not hear the person's name. Obviously what he told me worked. This is the reason I did not go with SNET or AOL. I will definitely recommend you to anybody I know who expresses their dissatisfaction with the lumbering giants."

"I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased to hear back from you so soon about the matter below. It was also nice to get a phone call rather than an email message. Thanks again for the info and your timely response."

"I have only called your company 2 or 3 times for help, but I want you to know that each time your representative was extremely kind, helpful and VERY patient. Thank you"

"Thanks for the info. I'll let you know how it works out. Once again thanks to you and PortONE! You guys are the best."

"I checked over my new web site, and it looks wonderful. Everything looks great and I am really pleased with the way it came out!"

"Thank you for your help. When I talked to the support staff they were very understanding and helpful. You have a great organization."

"Changed from SNET. Awesome improvement. No more disconnects. No more mail delivery errors. Connection speeds close to 50K always."

"I'd just like to say how I love PortONE Internet. I like the netscape features, and the PortONE connection combined. Also you give great service. I've never had a problem and you always help when when I need assistance. Thank you!!"

"The service is great -- thanks!"

"I am so happy I changed to PortONE. I haven't had any of the problems with the WEB I had with my old server."

"Your service is great I couldn't be happier, keep up the good work!"

"I've tried a lot of ISPs and you guys are by far the best I've found."

"Keep up the great job you are doing! It's great to have a dependable ISP. SNET sucks!!"

"Great Service. I recommend you to everyone I can. Glad I left SNET for you!"

"Thank you very much for the help that you gave me Friday evening. I was able to receive my e-mail, and now I think I've learned how to send it, too. I was particularly impressed to receive a phone call from you, to check up on my progress. PortONE is fortunate to have such a conscientious and courteous employee. Thanks again!"

"What makes you special is not only the excellent electronic service but also the superb personal service."

"I am always able to connect on the first try. A far difference from what ATT gave me for service."

"I investigated various ISP's around on 7/9 and decided on PortONE. I spoke to Justin at 3PM, did all the necessary "paperwork" with him, and couldn't believe that the First class mail had everything the next day--Manchester CT to Simsbury CT. Great Job Justin! Now as of today, 7/19, I had some problems getting on even with the clear instructions. I think I was still hooked up with my old service and there was a definite problem I couldn't handle. Well, to make a long story short, your Tech Support came through. Unfortunately I didn't copy down the names of the two people I spoke to between 7:45-8:15 AM, but they were very helpful and got me on. THANKS--looking forward to a long term relationship!!!!!"

"I know I am not the first to rave about your incredible service help line. Your service desk personnel are exceptionally courteous and knowledgeable. In this time of impersonal telephone menus it is nice to talk to a real person who actually wants to help you. Special kudos to Justin! I keep passing the word around that you are the best in terms of efficiency and service. Keep up the good work and thanks!"

"PortOne is still the "best buy in town" and the service is second to none. I was introduced to PortOne by my employer and I am as pleased with your service for my personal use as my employer is with the service you provide for them."

"Must congratulate you on your service thus far. The first 6 months have been a good experience."

"I would like to say that your service is excellent !! I have referred friends of mine with 100% join rate. Keep up the GREAT WORK !!!!!!!!"

"PortONE is the best provider I have ever been with. You are doing it right from the start. I personally spread my delight with PortONE to everyone I talk computers with. Portone is improving as it grows, therefore it will become a giant in the business of providing service to the people of CT and I am sure that in time you will expand beyond the borders of CT Good work to all at PortONE"

"Keep up the great job guys!!"

"This e-mail proves by far that PortONE deserves not only my business but everyone I know's business. I have had problems with each of my ISP's in the past despite my knowledge of networking. I have used PCNet, micro-net, CompuServe, and NAI/JavaNet/RPN(?). Your prompt responses, courteous replies, and expert assistance as well as superior pricing should put you on top of everyone's list for Internet access. Be assured that I plan on getting many free months via the referral program. Keep up the great work!"

"It worked! I just signed on at 48000 this is going to be GREAT. I was just looking at Flex modems I'm glad I waited my X2 works fine now."

"Yikes you guys are doing something right! Have fought with AOL and yawned over what I got from Prodigy - you guys seem to have what I need!I connect and stay connected! LOL left the computer running while I was out for an hour earlier and who'd a thunk?? it was still connected when I got back! Been testing your Email possibilities - having large attachments sent and so far no problem!"

"You folks have great service!"

"Thanks for the service!!! I am very happy to be able to connect every time I sign on to "Port One" with no problems at all, the connect rates are pretty good to, either 44000 or 49333.... which is very important for me since I deal with a lot of emails that have files attached to them..."

"The tech support people were Very nice and did put many hours of effort which was nice! I got support in less than 2 minutes. That's rare!"

"Thanks for all your support getting me online or as my kids would say into the 90's. Your sales people are outstanding in the Manchester office and have helped tremendously. Your help desk people know me by name and are equally wonderful, especially Tony."

"Connected at 46666 first try. Smokin!"