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PortONE Service

Survey Statistics

Our average Email user:

  • Deletes 26 Junk Emails a day
  • Has had 15+ viruses this year
  • Wastes 6 1/2 hours a month on Junk Email and Viruses

  • 2 out of 3 users said Junk Email is "Extremely Bothersome"
  • Less than 1 in 5 users have any form of Junk Email protection
  • 63.1% of all Email we clean is quarantined as Junk Email or Viruses

User Comments

"100% virus reduction, 95% junk email reduction!"

"A valuable tool at home, if you are worried about a child seeing dangerous emails. Allows parents to view and make decisions about isolated emails."

"Noticeable drop in spam. The mailbox seemed much more "quiet" with this service in place."

"Very nice.. easy to use, fast, effective."

"It caught about 10 viruses during the period. NO (zero) viruses made their way to Eudora, so the virus checking surely seems to work well."

"It works... actually does what is advertised. Notifications were nice. Easy to use Message Center."

"It caught about 4 virus during my beta time. NONE got through to my computer. :)"

"worked perfectly... no problems, and easy layout"

"It works great and will save you a lot of time sorting the good mail from the bad."

"My current virus software would cause my browser to crash occasionally. Now I don't have to worry about getting viruses through mail so I can disable my virus software and and my browser has stopped crashing."

"Vast majority of junk email was automatically moved to the Message Center. "

"OK I'm sold - this product ROCKS..... I'm amazed at what this does for me! The product works, it's reliable, has no effect on mail return/through-put and truly SAVES me time.. In my opinion you have a winner here!"