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PortONE Service

What Is It and How Does It Work?

What Is It? The NEW PortONE CleanMail Service saves you time and money by automatically cleaning both Viruses and Junk Email before they ever make it to your computer!

How Does It Work? Junk Email is removed with a Triple-cleaning system, employing Real-Time Blocking Lists (RBLs), Heuristic Rules and Directory Harvest Attack protection. This combination cleans Junk Email, while allowing legitimate messages through.

  • Real-Time Blocking Lists deny known mass-Emailers the ability to deliver messages to your address.

  • Heuristic rules screen your message for typical Junk Email content, such as 3 *'s in a row, 5 !'s in a row, or the word FREE in capitals. By combining over 400 of these rules, a Junk Email probability is created in 5 categories:

(a) Bulk Email
(b) Sexually Explicit
(c) Get Rich Quick
(d) Racially Insensitive
(e) Special Offers.

Then, this probability is compared to YOUR INDIVIDUAL settings, and if the message is determined to be Junk Email, it is stored in your quarantine area. Amazingly, this all happens in under 1 second and is the most effective way to remove the majority of Junk Email!

  • Directory Harvest Attack blocking keeps "web crawlers", who hunt the Internet's mail servers for working Email addresses, from detecting your protected address.
  • Virus Protection is performed by McAfee Anti-virus. With automatic updates on our servers, you never need to worry about not having the newest virus definitions.